Born in Dundee, Scotland. I live and work in London.

Received a B.A. (1st class) at Edinburgh College of Art,
and a M.A. at the Royal College of Art, London.

My practice is hugely material driven.
Materials I use include woods, plastics, precious and non precious metals, found objects, paint, formica, paint & enamel.

Current influences include vintage toys and folk art.
I exhibit worldwide.
Pieces can be seen in the permanent collections of the London Crafts Council, Montreal Museum of Decorative Arts, Royal Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh, and the Ulster Museum, National Museum of Northern Ireland.
I am an associate lecturer on the BA Jewellery course at Central St. Martins College of Art

I am a visiting lecturer on the BA Jewellery course at Middlesex University.
Sometimes I collaborate with collective Intelligent Trouble.
I work as colour consulatant with knitwear designer Jo Gordon.

Other design projects include:
Designed a set of 6 x 8 m. gates in Canary Wharf, London.
Designed medals for the London Underground staff involved in the London bombings of 7th July, 2005.
Designed memorial plaques for the victims of the London bombings of 7th July 2005.

"Katy’s jewelry projects a playful exuberance.
The influence of toys and folk art are clearly present in her work.
Her materials of choice are various woods combined with plastics, vintage formica, drawings, paint, metals, enamel, and hand dyed cords."
Patti Blecher, Gallery Loupe, Montclair, NJ, USA
"There is a lack of compromise about Katy Hackney’s jewellery, her unorthodox choice of materials and the adjustment of status conspire to intrigue and challenge our preconceived notions of what is precious.

Katy’s design decisions and use of alternative materials such as cellulose acetate, Formica, plywood and enamel paint are dictated by what she happens upon.

The discovery of an old, discarded piece of cellulose acetate or Formica now no longer produced - therefore extinct, is viewed as others would a costly jewel, squirreled away until she devises jewellery worthy of it.

Tackling intricately challenging processes with skill and expertise Katy produces jewellery that appears uncomplicated and memorable. Her work evolves as she progresses ideas, taking into consideration the practicalities of material combination and manufacture solutions. She is not afraid to exploit the unfashionable, making what she admires and likes, ultimately changing attitudes and initiating desire."

© Yvonne Kulagowski

All photographs copyright 2014 by Kevin Dutton, Sussie Ahlburg and Katy Hackney